June 30, 2023

Bluetooth Hearing Aid Technology in 2023

Bluetooth technology has revolutionized the world of hearing aids, transforming them from simple sound amplifiers into high-tech, multifunctional devices that can connect to a range of other devices. 

Bluetooth technology has revolutionized the world of hearing aids, transforming them from simple sound amplifiers into high-tech, multifunctional devices that can connect to a range of other devices. 

With Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, a world of possibilities opens up. Users can stream audio directly from televisions, music players, and smartphones to their hearing aids, providing a personalized, high-quality sound experience. Phone calls can be answered with Bluetooth hearing aids, offering crystal-clear conversations with your loved ones without the need for additional headphones or devices. What's more, many Bluetooth hearing aids can also be controlled via dedicated smartphone apps, letting you easily adjust volume, change settings, and even monitor your hearing health with just a few taps. This level of connectivity and control improves not only your auditory experience but also your overall quality of life.

What’s new in Bluetooth technology in hearing aids? We’re going to focus on four of the latest models: the Oticon Real, Starkey Genesis AI, Resound Omnia, and Phonak Lumity.

Oticon Real

The Oticon Real hearing aids are putting the natural listening experience front and center. They use a combination of BrainHearing technology and Bluetooth connectivity to deliver a rich, full sound that is tailored to your hearing needs. They can also connect directly to any modern smartphone, allowing you to stream phone calls, music, and other audio directly to your hearing aids. The Oticon Real hearing aids also feature a rechargeable battery, which provides a full day of use from a single charge, even when you’re binging your favorite show!

Starkey Genesis AI

The Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids are truly a significant leap forward in hearing technology. These hearing aids use artificial intelligence to mimic the cerebral cortex of the brain, filling in the gaps where our ears aren’t doing the job. The Genesis AI hearing aids make over 80 million personalized adjustments every hour, delivering a sound quality that is more true-to-life than ever before. They can connect to the easy-to-use My Starkey app, which provides a range of benefits including fall detection, hearing control, binaural streaming, and health monitoring.

Phonak Lumity

Following the success of the Paradise platform comes the Phonak Lumity. This model offers universal Bluetooth connectivity and maintains the high-quality sound standards of its predecessor.

The Lumity platform features Phonak SmartSpeech Technology, which improves speech understanding and reduces listening effort in the places you need it the most. The technology also offers improvements in directional microphone technology with StereoZoom 2.0 and SpeechSensor, providing a smoother focus on conversations and enhancing environmental awareness.

Lumity offers a waterproof version, the Phonak Audéo Life, for those who require durable hearing aids for active lifestyles. Finally, Lumity comes with the myPhonak app, which enables users to customize their hearing experience and monitor their health data. The app also facilitates remote assistance from hearing care professionals. 

Bluetooth Hearing Aids in Charlotte

These four models represent the cutting edge of Bluetooth technology in hearing aids. They offer a range of features that make it easier for users to connect to the digital world, providing hearing aid users with the benefits that headphone users have enjoyed for some time. Whether you're streaming music, taking a phone call, or watching a movie, these hearing aids deliver a sound quality that is rich, clear, and full of detail. 

As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more impressive features and capabilities in the world of hearing aids. These advancements will continue to upgrade not only the user's auditory experience but also their overall quality of life, making everyday tasks more accessible and enjoyable.

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