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At Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte, you are served by a team dedicated to bringing back the sounds of life to patients with all kinds of hearing impairment.

We also help protect the ear health of those who work and play in environments that damage hearing.

Our staff understands the causes, challenges and frustrations of hearing loss. We are your best advocate for better hearing and function. We know the life-changing benefits that come with hearing evaluation and treatment.

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We work with hearing loss, tinnitus, sound sensitivity, and auditory processing disorder.
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Dr. Melissa Karp, Au.D.

Melissa Karp is a board-certified audiologist with special expertise in tinnitus treatment, auditory processing disorder (APD) evaluation, hearing aid fitting and aural rehabilitation.

Since 1998, Dr. Karp has treated patients with hearing impairment and provided hearing loss prevention services. She offers comprehensive services and has superior audiology training and experience.

Master of Science in Audiology, Vanderbilt University
Doctor of Audiology, University of Florida
Dr. Ivy Saul, Au.D, CCC-A, F-AAA

Ivy Saul is a board-certified audiologist licensed in both NC and SC. She really enjoys the process involved in fitting hearing aids. She is careful to use best practices and evidence-based methods while getting to know her patients to incorporate their individual lifestyle needs into the process.

Dr. Saul has been caring for patients for many years and has seen her field and hearing aid technology change and improve over time. She holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence from The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiologists.

Master of Arts in Audiology, Michigan State University
Doctor of Audiology, Salus University
Katlyn Crisp, Au.D.

Katlyn "Katy" Crisp is our newest board-certified audiologist, serving both North and South Carolina. Dr. Crisp fell in love with audiology at age sixteen and has been perfecting her craft ever since, having undergone extensive training, which includes audiological diagnostic testing, knowledge of cutting-edge hearing aid technology, and tinnitus management.

In her free time, Dr. Crisp enjoys reading, crafting, and spending time with loved ones, including her Labradoodle, Boo.

Lannie Mathews

Lannie Mathews is our patient care coordinator and the friendly voice you often hear on the phone. She is an integral part of our aural rehabilitation program and is currently studying for her hearing aid license.

Marlene Rosenzweig

Marlene is our newest addition to the Audiology and Hearing Services of Charlotte team! She is our “gal Friday” and assists Lannie as a Patient Care Coordinator.

Marlene provides a warm welcome to all our patients and their families. As a former elementary school educator, Marlene helps our younger patients to feel as comfortable as possible.

She enjoys meeting and working with patients of all ages!

What's the difference?

Audiologist vs. Hearing Aid Specialist

Audiologists are university-trained healthcare professionals. In fact, they are the only experts who are
licensed to identify, evaluate, diagnose and treat hearing disorders. On the basis of their medical education,
extensive training and best practices skill set, they are the most qualified to assess hearing loss.

Our personalized process includes fitting verification, expert programming, detailed usage guidance and
practical counseling on an ongoing basis. We are deeply committed to providing caring professional service
for you and your loved ones.

In contrast, hearing aid dealers or instrument specialists are retailers, licensed to test hearing for the only
purpose of selling hearing aids. Without the necessary training or advanced diagnostic equipment to
thoroughly assess hearing loss, their basic tests cannot accurately establish medical necessity or related
systemic factors. If a hearing test is “free”, it is likely from a hearing aid dealer not properly authorized to
provide diagnosis codes.

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