Personalized Audiology Care & Solutions in Charlotte, NC

At Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte we give you personalized, professional care, helping you hear and function your very best. Our doctor of audiology will evaluate your hearing abilities and determine the type and extent of any hearing loss. With this essential foundation, we can provide the right hearing devices — including hearing aids, assistive listening devices, accessories and protection — and treatments for your preferences and lifestyle.


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Evaluation is the important first step to better hearing. We begin with an auditory processing test that establishes a baseline for your ear health and measure your hearing abilities.

An evaluation by our experienced audiologist will give you with the most accurate, reliable basis for developing a course of treatment. Our superior guidance and service is founded on thorough hearing analysis by a doctor of audiology.

Whether you have a child with auditory problems, are concerned about age-related hearing loss, face threats to hearing from loud environments, or have troublesome hearing symptoms such as tinnitus, Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte can provide you with the service and expertise you need for better ear health and function.

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Our focus is providing the hearing aids, assistive listening devices and hearing protection that will work for you and your lifestyle — not representing hearing aid manufacturers.

Hearing loss isn’t something you have to live with. You can tackle hearing problems head-on! Hearing amplifiers can make a real and lasting difference in your life — giving you better hearing and health.

We prescribe high-quality devices that will help you reclaim the communication, awareness and enjoyment that come with better hearing. Today’s designs and technologies have dramatically improved the effectiveness, comfort and appearance of hearing devices. At Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte, you have more hearing aid and hearing accessory options than ever before.

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Better hearing requires more than just exams and device fittings. Our Better Communication Classes ensure that you become comfortable and confident with your new hearing device and learn techniques that make communication — and life — easier.

Learning is essential to real satisfaction with your hearing solutions. That’s why we reward patients who attend our rehab classes. There are no associated fees when you participate in at least two Better Communication sessions at Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte.

You will achieve better hearing when you pursue follow-up care and learning. Like any tool, hearing devices perform better when you know how they work and how to best use them.

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