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Dr. Melissa Karp, Au.D.

At Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte, you are served by a team dedicated to bringing back the sounds of life to patients with all kinds of hearing impairment.

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Auditory Processing Disorders

Some hearing problems require special evaluation. Our audiologist has training and expertise in auditory processing (APD) evaluation, allowing her to help patients—including children—who may have those symptoms.

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Better Communication Classes

Learning to use your hearing device is essential to long-term satisfaction. Our Better Communication classes insure that you are knowledgeable and comfortable with your hearing device.

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Tinnitus & Sound Sensitivity

Tinnitus and sound sensitivity — common but potentially chronic and disruptive hearing conditions — can be successfully treated by an experienced audiologist.

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Custom Hearing Protection

Preventative hearing protection puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to slowing hearing loss. Damaging noise levels — which are part of many occupational and leisure environments — can be successfully managed.

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Concierge Services

If you or a loved one can’t come to Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte, we will come to you. We offer evaluation and treatment options in the comfort of your home, office, nursing home or other location of your choice.

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Hearing Test

As we age, our hearing abilities commonly deteriorate, and this necessitates regular hearing check-ups.

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In Home Audiology

Charlotte's Audiology & Hearing Services delivers detailed hearing evaluations and custom-tailored hearing aid fittings in the patient's own home, ensuring comfort and personalized care​.

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