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Oticon Real

Oticon Real is the newest flagship hearing aid from Danish industry leader Oticon. Building upon the success of Oticon More, the Oticon Real offers practical advancements and innovative features that improve the hearing experience for those with hearing loss. The top features of Real are:

Top Oticon Real Features

  1. Open, natural sound with BrainHearing technology
  2. RealSound Technology for enhanced speech clarity
  3. Sudden Sound Stabilizer for comfortable listening
  4. Bluetooth connectivity with iOS and Android devices
  5. Rechargeable and disposable battery options
  6. Compatible with ConnectClip and EduMic accessories
  7. TV streaming with Oticon TV Adapter
  8. Hands-free phone and video calls

Let's explore these features some more and find out why Oticon Real is a great choice for a comfortable, natural, and immersive hearing journey.

Open Sound: Natural Hearing Redefined

Oticon Real's BrainHearing technology and Deep Neural Network work in harmony to deliver a more open and natural sound experience. This innovative approach enhances engagement, awareness, and focus, allowing you to enjoy the full sound scene of your everyday life.

Polaris R Platform: Performance for Any Situation

Powered by Oticon’s new Polaris R platform, these hearing aids feature RealSound Technology, providing expanded access to life's real sounds. Experience improved speech access and clarity, and effortlessly follow conversations. The Wind & Handling Stabilizer ensures reduced wind and handling noise, making Oticon Real perfect for golfers, runners, fisherman or others with active lifestyles.

Sudden Sound Stabilizer: Comfortable Listening Experience

The Sudden Sound Stabilizer detects and controls sudden loud noises for a comfortable listening experience without compromising speech audibility. Real hearing aids keep you at ease in noisy environments and around sudden, unexpected sounds - all while maintaining clear conversational speech.

Multiple Styles & Colors

Oticon Real is available in four distinct styles and multiple colors, allowing you to choose the perfect hearing aid for you! Select from disposable battery styles or rechargeable options for added convenience.

Connectivity: Stay Connected to Your World

Oticon Real offers bluetooth connectivity, acting as a wireless headset for hands-free phone and video calls with most iPhone and iPad devices. Enjoy high-quality streaming from select iOS and Android devices or directly stream sound from your television with the Oticon TV Adapter. Oticon Real also works with ConnectClip and EduMic remote microphones for wireless voice streaming.

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