June 16, 2022

Rechargeable Hearing Aids Becoming A Favorite Among Hearing Aid Wearers

Rechargeable hearing aids have become a high priority in recent months. While they have been around for decades, recent technology enhancements have put them in high demand.It was recently discovered that as many as 70 percent of hearing aid wearers would prefer rechargeable hearing aids over traditional models that require the batteries to be replaced. This is part of the reason rechargeable hearing aid batteries were such a highlighted item at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

All of this attention has resulted in companies making some major changes in their hearing aids and batteries. Over the past few months, manufactures have come out with several rechargeable hearing aids models that are smaller, charge quicker and last longer than ever before.

Here are some of the rechargeable hearing aids on the market today:


Oticon Opn™ miniRITE Is Now Rechargeable

The new small, discreet miniRITE-T allows people with mild to severe-to-profound hearing loss access to Opn’s revolutionary open sound experience. With the easy-to-use charger, Opn miniRITE can now be powered throughout the day. The rechargeable solution gives users maximum flexibility to interchange the rechargeable 312 batteries with disposable batteries if the user forgets to recharge the hearing aids overnight.


Rechargeable hearing aids from Phonak have batteries that can last up to 24 hours when fully charges and can last for six hours when the quick charge feature is used. The lithium-ion batteries are also able to support a number of technological advancements. Phonak’s Audeo B-R touts that it is the longest lasting rechargeable hearing aid available.


Cellion has a number of extra features, including being the only rechargeable hearing aid that is inductive, wireless, and contact free. It will also last 24 hours even when streaming.


The ZPower Rechargeable System earned a CES 2016 Innovation Award Honor because the judges saw it as innovative and wisely engineered. They also use long-lasting batteries so users only need to visit their hearing specialist once a year to have the battery replaced.


The Moxi Fit R is the smallest rechargeable hearing aid. A full charge will result in 24 hours of usage and 90 minutes of streaming capability. The rechargeable battery that is in this hearing aid can last as long as 100 regular batteries.

The extremely high performance of Tempus conquers the listening environments that patients find the most challenging – conversations in noise and crowds. *April Promotion- Upgrade one level of technology at no additional cost (for example: pay for a 700 level, get an 800 level).

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