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Oticon More

This product has been replaced by the Oticon Real.

With Oticon More, you not only get superior sound quality, but you also now have more styles and more options to fit your lifestyle. They come in multiple colors to match your hair, skin tone or help you stand out!

Oticon More is the world's first hearing aid with an on-board Deep Neural Network. Help patients hear with precision and clarity. Some Oticon More Features:

  • The new Polaris Platform - Oticon's new chip powers these hearing aids with more speed, accuracy, and capacity than ever before.
  • Deep Neural Network - Oticon More hearing aid learns to recognize all kinds of sounds, their details, and how they should sound to best support the brain.
  • Rechargeable Technology - The Oticon MiniRITE R can last for a full day after only three hours of charging.
  • Direct Bluetooth Streaming - With the More hearing aids, you can stream directly from iPhone, iPad®, iPod touch®, and some Android devices
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