Dr. Cliff’s Best Practices

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Effective hearing treatment is a process of comprehensive testing, customized treatment and regular evaluations. You need an audiology practice with a hands-on team who can give you the best possible care on your journey to better hearing. So, if you require hearing aids, we can help you find the devices to suit your needs.

That’s why Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte is part of the Best Practice PRO Network, an association of expert audiologists who’ve met care standards recognized by the American Academy of Audiology.

Even before we joined this elite network, Dr. Melissa Karp employed Best Practices in Charlotte, North Carolina. And now, she’s teamed up with Dr. cliff to help people in North Carolina find the hearing services they need.

What are Best Practices?

Dr. Karp strongly believes in best practices and Real Ear Verification. Watch this video to learn more about best practices and why they’re unique to certain hearing healthcare providers.

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