Hearing Aids

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Hearing Aids

A customized hearing loss solution will give you superior hearing and satisfaction. To give you the best results, Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte prescribes many different types of hearing aids and assistive listening devices by leading manufacturers.

Each type performs somewhat differently, with a range of applications and customization options to help improve hearing impairment. All hearing aids must be carefully fitted to the individual’s ear and programmed to optimal settings.


Hearing aid options

With a growing number of hearing aid sizes, styles and features to choose from we become an essential resource, connecting you with the best hearing aid design and technology for your hearing goals. Here’s a sampling of some of the technology available to you:

  • Bluetooth hearing aids: Bluetooth hearing aids allow you to stream audio from any Bluetooth devices, including smartphones. You can stream phone conversations, music, television, and more for a personalized listening experience.
  • Nano hearing aids: Nano hearing aids have become extremely popular due to their tiny size. They fit comfortably inside the ear canal (CIC = completely-in-canal) and are more discreet than standard hearing aids.
  • Invisible hearing aids: Invisible hearing aids, also known as IIC heading aids (invisible-in-canal), are designed to sit deep in the ear canal so that they cannot be seen. They are very similar to nano hearing aids.
  • Rechargable hearing aids: Rechargeable hearing aids can be plugged in and powered up at night, giving you a full day of usage without the need for disposable batteries.
  • BAHA hearing aids: BAHA hearing aids, or bone-anchored hearing aids, are implanted through minor surgery. They transform sound that is picked up through the bone instead of through the ear canal like traditional hearing aids. BAHA hearing aids are a solution for people with infections or malformations of their ear canal or middle ear.


Hearing aid cost

There is a wide range of pricing associated with hearing aids, based on technology, style, and goals. Audiology & Hearing Associates of Charlotte will work with you to find a hearing aid solution that fits your needs and budget.


Hearing aid manufacturers

Our practice provides the best hearing aids in Charlotte from top manufacturers, including:








Assistive Listening Devices

Individuals with hearing loss can also benefit from specialized products that make phone calls, watching television, enjoying live performances and communicating with others so much easier. Options include:

  • Amplified telephones
  • Hearing aid compatible cell phones
  • Cell phone and mobile device apps
  • Flashing and vibrating alerting devices
  • FM sound transmission systems
  • Hearing loop-compatible telecoil components

The many options for hearing better might even be a little staggering—but the specialists at Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte, North Carolina, know established designs as well as break-through technologies. We’ll guide you through selecting devices and making the best investments for your hearing.

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