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Oticon Intent Hearing Aids

The Oticon Intent represents a leap forward in hearing aid technology, incorporating the world's first user-intent sensors through its groundbreaking 4D Sensor technology. Powered by the Sirius platform, these hearing aids offer a high level of processing capacity, ensuring users can experience the full open sound scene without compromise. The integration of various sensors allows the Oticon Intent to adapt seamlessly to the user's listening needs, offering unprecedented clarity and convenience.

Most notable features of the new Oticon Intent aids

1. 4D User-Intent Sensors: A pioneering technology that captures the user's listening intentions, allowing the hearing aid to recognize when the user's listening needs change and to adapt accordingly. These sensors consider conversation activity, head movement, body movement, and the acoustic environment to provide adaptive support.

2. MoreSound Intelligence 3.0: This feature processes the full sound environment with extraordinary clarity and balance, adapting seamlessly to the user's specific listening needs. It includes the Wind & Handling Stabilizer and utilizes 4D Sensor technology for optimal environmental analysis.

3. Deep Neural Network 2.0 (DNN 2.0): The Sirius platform includes the second generation of Oticon's Deep Neural Network, which is trained using a vast array of real-world sound samples for advanced sound preservation, noise suppression, and clarity.

4. Spatial Sound & Sound Enhancer: Together, these features ensure a fuller, more immersive sound experience by providing precise processing of sound and personalized fine-tuning of gain, especially in demanding listening environments.

5. Bluetooth LE Audio: With modern, future-proof connectivity technology, Oticon Intent hearing aids ensure easy streaming from a variety of devices with greater power efficiency.

Wearing Style & Performance levels

The Oticon Intent is available in the smallest rechargeable miniRITE style ever from Oticon, equipped with the new self-calibrating miniFit Detect speaker units for precise daily gain. Its performance levels are designed to cater to a wide range of hearing loss, ensuring users receive personalized hearing care.

Top Features of Oticon Intent

- 4D User-Intent Sensor technology for adaptive support

- MoreSound Intelligence 3.0 for enhanced speech comprehension

- Deep Neural Network 2.0 (DNN 2.0) for clearer, natural sound

- Spatial Sound for immersive audio experiences

- Bluetooth LE Audio for modern connectivity

- Wind & Handling Stabilizer for reduced noise interference

- Virtual Outer Ear for natural-sounding listening

- Neural Noise Suppression for easy and difficult environments

- Sound Enhancer for dynamic sound detail in speech

- Future-ready platform allowing for wireless updates

Oticon Intent hearing aids in Charlotte, NC

Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte is committed to providing the best fitting practices and ensuring that patients receive the most out of their hearing aids. Utilizing Real Ear Measurements, a cornerstone of Best Practice fittings, they ensure the Oticon Intent hearing aids are precisely tailored to each patient's unique hearing profile.

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