March 5, 2023

The newest hearing aids are available in Charlotte!

Recently, two renowned hearing aids manufacturers have unveiled their newest offerings, promising cutting-edge technology and impressive features to help users hear better than ever before.

Recently, two renowned hearing aids manufacturers have unveiled their newest offerings, promising cutting-edge technology and impressive features to help users hear better than ever before. At Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte, we are happy to offer the latest from Oticon and Starkey in our clinic. Here are the details about the new hearing aids.

Oticon Real

With Oticon Real, you can enjoy the moments that matter — the laughter, the cheering, and the conversations with friends and loved ones — with more balance and clarity, adding richness and texture to your life. Here are some of the main features of the Oticon Real.

  • BrainHearing
  • RealSound Technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Rechargeable Options

Brain Hearing

Your brain is just as important as your ears when it comes to hearing. Studies have revealed that the brain needs the entire soundscape in order for it to properly comprehend the sounds it hears. Oticon Real works more like your brain because it learned through training and Oticon’s DNN, or Deep Neural Network. This results in reduced listening effort for wearers.

RealSound Technology

Powered by the new Polaris R platform, Oticon Real includes RealSound Technology designed to give wearers access to more of the sounds of life.

  • With better access to speech and exceptional speech clarity, you can follow conversations with more awareness, focus and control
  • Reduces wind and handling noise* with our Wind & Handling Stabilizer
  • Proven to increase speech clarity in windy situations*
  • Minimizes distracting handling noise (i.e, your hair or glasses touching the hearing aid)

Bluetooth Connectivity

Oticon Real connects via Bluetooth to your Android and iPhone devices. Acts as a wireless headset for hands‑free phone and video calls with select iPhone and iPad devices*

Streams directly from iPhone and Android™: Enjoy high‑quality streaming from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch®, and select Android devices**

Connects to your TV: Use Oticon’s TV Adapter to stream sound directly from your TV

Rechargeable Options

The Real miniRITE-R and miniBTE-R rechargeable models to provide a full day of battery life after only three hours of charging. There are also two charger options, a portable SmartCharger or a standard Desktop Charger.

Starkey Genesis AI

With the new Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids, it’s now easier to stay connected to the world around you. If you’re considering selecting a pair of Genesis AI aids and would like to know specifically what makes them stand out, we’ve got you covered! Some of the main features of these new hearing aids include,

  • Neuro Processor technology
  • Improved Bluetooth connectivity and range
  • Longer battery life
  • Redesigned My Starkey app

Starkey Neuro Processor

The Genesis AI aids are equipped with Starkey’s Neuro Processor technology, which offers processing that is 4 times faster than its predecessor the Evolv AI. This advanced technology enables the aids to quickly adapt to changing sound environments without any manual adjustments or controls by the hearing aid wearer.

Rechargeable Options

The Genesis AI hearing aids have new chargers that offer up to 51 hours of use on a single charge. In addition, the on-board battery of the charging unit holds 3 full charges. Users can also get 3 hours of use on just a 7 minute charge — making the Genesis AI rechargeable units some of the most convenient on the market.

Other Features

In addition, this new processor allows for improved Bluetooth connectivity with greater range and a longer battery life. The hearing aid housing also features an IP68 rating, which provides excellent moisture and foreign material resistance.

My Starkey and Pro Fit

To make using the Genesis AI aids easier to use, Starkey has redesigned their My Starkey app. Patients can easily access and control all the features of their hearing aids right from their smartphone. Furthermore, the Pro Fit fitting software allows audiologists to quickly obtain measurements during fittings which allows for the best possible fit for each patient in a more efficient manner.

If you’d like to try either of the new hearing aids, please contact us today. Our Audiologists Melissa Karp and Ivy Saul are available to discuss which product(s) will be best for you.