December 3, 2023

Introducing Dr. Katlyn Crisp: Enhancing Our Team at Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte

We are delighted to announce Dr. Katlyn "Katy" Crisp as the latest addition to our team at Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte.

We are delighted to announce Dr. Katlyn "Katy" Crisp as the latest addition to our team at Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte. A board-certified audiologist, Dr. Crisp brings not only her expertise but also a profound passion for audiology, further enriching our commitment to exceptional hearing care.

Excellence in Audiology Personified

From a young age, Dr. Crisp has been immersed in the world of audiology. Her extensive training in diagnostic testing, up-to-date knowledge of hearing aid technology, and expertise in tinnitus management exemplify the high-quality care we uphold. Her dedication is evident in her clinical skills and her commitment to making audiology services accessible through in-home care.

Joining a Team of Experts

Dr. Crisp will be working alongside Dr. Melissa Karp and Dr. Ivy Saul, each known for their expertise and empathetic approach to patient care. Dr. Karp's specialization in tinnitus and auditory processing disorder, coupled with Dr. Saul's evidence-based methods in hearing aid fitting, ensures that every patient receives customized and thoughtful care.

Dr. Saul’s affiliation with the HearingUp network underscores our collective dedication to the highest standards in audiology services.

Expanding Care Beyond the Clinic

Dr. Crisp's role extends to in-home audiology care, reflecting our commitment to making audiological services accessible and personalized. Our in-home audiology care, designed for convenience and effectiveness, includes comprehensive hearing testing procedures like otoscopy, pure tone air and bone conduction, and speech testing in noise, all performed with state-of-the-art portable equipment. We personalize hearing aid programming to meet individual needs, adhering to industry best practices.

A Practice Celebrated for Impactful Care

Our clinic is more than a healthcare provider; it's a community where patients and families find understanding, support, and exceptional care. Our ability to understand unique hearing challenges and provide tailored solutions has been a recurring theme in patient satisfaction, especially in finding the right hearing aids. We have also been recognized for making significant differences in patients' lives through personalized care and advanced hearing aid technology, transforming their daily experiences.

We're proud that Dr. Crisp is joining a team that is both highly skilled and deeply valued by the community we serve.

Your Journey to Better Hearing Starts Here

With Dr. Crisp joining our team, we reaffirm our commitment to enriching the lives of our patients. Her holistic approach, combined with our dedication to providing top-tier hearing health care, ensures our community benefits from the finest audiological services.

We invite you to experience the caring and expert service offered by Dr. Crisp and our team at Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte. Whether in our clinic or through our in-home audiology services, we're here to support your journey to better hearing and an improved quality of life.

Contact us today to speak with an audiologist and begin your journey toward rediscovering the beautiful sounds of life.

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Dr. Melissa Karp, Au.D.
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Melissa Karp is a board-certified audiologist with special expertise in tinnitus treatment, auditory processing disorder (APD) evaluation, hearing aid fitting and aural rehabilitation.