Hearing Aid Apps Boost Wearer Experience

Gone are the days of reaching up to your ear to adjust your hearing aids. Now customizing your devices is easy with just a few taps on your smartphone. You can enjoy a sense of control and empowerment, especially if you’re new to hearing aids.


What Is A Hearing Aid App?

These apps were created to assist hearing aid users in customizing and adjusting their devices. They offer a wide range of features, including:


  • Decibel measurement
  • Streaming capabilities
  • Brain training exercises
  • Hearing aid adjustments and monitoring
  • Tinnitus treatment
  • GPS to locate lost hearing aids

Customizing Your Hearing Aid Experience

One of the best things about hearing aid apps is controlling your settings right at your fingertips. Most apps have volume, treble and bass controls, and you can save customized settings that are unique to a specific hearing environment. For example, you can reduce background noise and adjust directional mics for noisy spaces like restaurants.

Track Your User Experience and Device Statistics

Apps are a great tool to help you ease into a new hearing aid experience. Exploring the different settings and adjustment options is an excellent way to learn about your devices and troubleshoot problems. They can also track battery life and keep stats on your daily use.

The tracking capability helps you provide a comprehensive report to your audiologist when it’s time for a professional adjustment. Some apps even have journal features that record malfunctions so you can report them to your audiologist.

Schedule Virtual Assistance

Remote health appointments aren’t going away anytime soon, and some apps will help you get in touch with your hearing healthcare provider. You can request technical assistance, contact your doctor or schedule an appointment with the touch of a button. And having open lines of communication will keep your mind at ease should trouble arise.

Hearing Aid Apps for Smartphones

Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte offers hearing aids from Signia, Widex, ReSound, Phonak, Oticon, Unitron and Starkey, which all offer hearing aid apps. The following are available for Android and Apple iOS devices:

  • Widex Beyond: Adjust directional microphones, geotag locations for automatic adjustments and locate lost hearing aids.
  • ReSound Smart 3D: Save multiple settings, adjust controls for speech and wind noise and manage tinnitus symptoms.
  • Oticon ON: Monitor hearing loss over time, locate lost hearing aids, stream audio and connect to the “Internet of Things.”
  • Starkey TruLink Hearing Control: You can stream audio directly to your hearing aids, save hearing settings and locate lost hearing aids.
  • Phonak RemoteControl: Adjust the individual volumes of each hearing aid, stream audio and custom your device settings.
  • Signia touchControl: Monitor battery life, select pre-saved programs and enjoy audio balance adjustment and volume control.
  • Unitron Remote Plus: Change between hearing aid programs, control the volume, and adjust your devices’ balance.

Schedule an appointment at Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte, and we’ll help you find the perfect hearing aids with an app that suits your needs.

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