Tinnitus and Sound Sensitivity

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Tinnitus and Sound Sensitivity

When you hear a clicking, swooshing, buzzing or other perception of sound when none is actually present, you are experiencing tinnitus (pronounced “TIN-itus” or “ti-NIGH-tus”). A common temporary condition, tinnitus can become a chronic, debilitating health issue.

Sound sensitivity—a condition that can be associated with tinnitus—causes you to have less tolerance for loud noises, so that you experience distress at lower volumes than other people.

Tinnitus Treatment

To find relief from these symptoms, there are treatment options to reduce the perceived effects of tinnitus and sound sensitivity. They include:

  • Methods that improve general wellness
  • Hearing aids for tinnitus
  • Sound therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Medications
  • Jaw joint and bite adjustments


While a tinnitus cure has not yet been found, it is known that noise exposure, medication reactions and hearing loss are associated with the condition.

Tinnitus relief and symptoms can be very different from patient to patient. If you are experiencing prolonged, disruptive tinnitus or sound sensitivity, Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte can help identify the audiology treatments that will let you manage your symptoms.

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