Gift Ideas That Keep On Giving

Make your holiday gifts about bringing your loved ones together, especially those with hearing loss who may feel particularly isolated during this time of year.

Gifts That Bring You Together

Whether it’s a small gathering or video call, use this time of year to reconnect. Providing personal connections during self-isolation can be one of the most important gifts of all.

TV streamers: These devices plug into the TV and stream audio directly to compatible hearing aids. Wearers can customize their volume level and watch shows with the whole family.

Captioned phones: A phone call can be just what the doctor ordered to clear away the winter blues. These phones generate captions in real-time during phone calls, so those with hearing loss can hear and see their conversations.

Clear masks: Masks are essential for health and safety, but they impede lip-reading and muffle speech. Clear face masks are excellent gifts for the whole family. You’ll keep your loved ones safe and maintain visual cues for lip-reading.

Gifts For Awareness

Staying on schedule is essential. These gifts help people with hearing loss stay active and aware, whether they’re in bed or away from home.

Vibrating and illuminating alarm clocks: Vibrating alarms send vibrations through your pillow when your alarm goes off. Illumination clocks gradually light up like sunrise, so you don’t have to listen to annoying noises.

Digital doorbells: These devices connect to your tablet or smartphone and send notifications when someone rings the doorbell. Some have video options so you can answer the door without leaving your seat.

Hearables: These devices are like wireless headphones that sync to smart devices. Hearables increase volume, monitor vitals, and filter or enhance sounds for a layered listening experience.

Technology And Accessories

Hearing aid wearers will love their technology even more when they receive gifts that complement their capabilities.

Hearing aid accessories: Kids will love personalizing their hearing devices with decals, charms, and other decorations. Accessories customize their technology into unique fashion statements.

Bone conduction devices: This technology is available in hats and headphones. Bone conduction sends vibrations through your cheekbones to your inner ear, so you can listen to music without cranking the volume and damaging your hearing.

Smartwatches: Smart jewelry is a great way to accessorize and stay connected. Your loved one can have texts, calls, and other reminders sent right to their smartwatch.

Cleaning kits: Dehumidifiers and cleaning kits are essential for hearing aid maintenance. Keeping their devices clean and dry will allow your loved ones to enjoy quality interactions and protect their investment.

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