Image of woman's hand wrapping gift.It’s always fun to find the perfect gift for your loved ones during the holidays. Watching their faces light up with excitement as they open their presents makes you feel good inside.

But sometimes, we don’t know what gifts to give, especially if the recipient has hearing loss. We’ve created a list of gift ideas for people with hearing loss so you can find the right present.

Alert Technology

Vibrating and light-up alarm clocks: Vibrating alarm clocks plug into cell phones and send gentle vibrations to a pad under your pillow when the alarm goes off. Light-up devices mimic the sunrise to wake you with natural light.

Digital doorbells: These devices use flashing lights or send notifications to your smart device to alert you when someone rings the doorbell. Some doorbells also come with video features so you can see who’s at the door.

Smart jewelry: You won’t have to worry about missing calls with smart jewelry. These items are connected to your smartphone and flash or vibrate when you receive a call, text, or other alerts.

Assistive Listening Devices

TV streamers: These adapters plug into your TV and stream audio directly to your loved one’s hearing aids. They can watch all their favorite shows and movies with personal volume control.

Phone accessories: Devices like ConnectClip sync to smartphones and stream audio to hearing devices for a hands-free calling experience.

Captioned phones: These phones generate captions during your phone calls, so you can hear and read what the other person is saying.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Safety clips and cords: These devices connect hearing aids behind the head to reduce the risk of losing a device during physical activity. Some styles connect hearing aids to clothing with an alligator clip.

Hearing aid charms: Spice up ordinary hearing aids with a little sparkle. Charms hook on the device’s tubing and are worn like earrings. Other styles clip onto devices and lie flat against the ear.

Lugs: These hearing aid accessories come in charms and decals that pair with almost any style of hearing aid. Kids can pick Lugs with their favorite character or cartoon to deck their devices.

Skins: These adhesive decals cover hearings aids and cochlear implants and are great gifts for older kids.

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