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I found Melissa through Hear.com. They connected me with her, based on location. I was very fortunate. I was a bit concerned about buying hearing aids through an online service, but Melissa’s great patient concern, service, and follow through relieved me of all concerns. I would now seek her out regardless of her location. She is very professional and knowledgeable, but concerned and caring at the same time. She provides many little suggestions to make the experience better, and seems to really care about making the her patients satisfied. She would be a wonderful resource for any of your audiology needs.

I am writing as a follow up to thank you for your evaluation and consultation. After your evaluation of my normal UCL testing, I returned home and later that week I attended 2 social functions that I would have worn ear plugs to prior to your testing. Since then I have attended more similar events, gone to restaurants, played my guitar along with cd’s and many other “normal” events without any issue. I am noticing my tinnitus less, most likely because I am just used to it. So, I feel normal and am thrilled. Thank you again for taking me from nervous and protective to a normal lifestyle.

Ken H.

I have been having hearing concerns for at least 2 years. So glad I found Dr. Karp at Audiology & Hearing Service of Charlotte. Dr. Karp really is the best! She patiently listened to my concerns. (I used the word “patiently” because I had a lot to share.) Dr. Karp didn’t rush me along, rather she took it all in. Then, she explained fully what she would do at the appointment to assist and the testing she has available. When testing concluded, all results were explained and options presented at the FIRST appointment. So efficient! I left, confident and sure I was on the right path to hearing again. In fact, Dr. Karp had me demo a hearing aid for a full week to see what I thought about it. If you are looking for answers to your hearing concerns, Dr. Karp is the person to help you. She is knowledgeable, qualified and an excellent doctor to partner with for your hearing needs.

Elaine R, Charlotte NC

Dr. Karp is a woman of great integrity, preciseness and professionalism. I have been blessed by her personally and professionally. She is highly knowledgeable,
perceptive and approachable.

Dr. Karp stands above others because she is thorough, conscientious and considerate with her patients and her colleagues!

Susan M Walters MA CCC SLP
Speech/Language Pathologist at CMC NE Pediatric Therapy Clinic

Dr. Melissa Karp fitted both my young daughter and I with our first pair of hearing aids. She answered all of our questions during the fittings and the follow up visits. She is very professional and knowledgeable about all things hearing-related. She was also helpful when it came time to prepare a 504 plan for my daughter. Dr. Karp is a talented, warm and caring professional; the kind of doctor that you want on your side.

Theresa Kaake
Accounting Resources Senior Specialist at Elliott Davis Decosimo, LLC

Melissa has been providing our clients with newborn hearings screenings once a month at the Carolina Community Maternity Center. She is professional, personable, knowledgeable and a delight to be around. We are very satisfied with the standard of care that she provides to our clients and their newborns, and would gladly recommend her to others seeking audiology services.

Pam Johnson-Juliano

This was a lovely experience from start to end. I was sent door to door directions to the office before the appointment to make sure I would be able to find the office. I waited 5 minutes to be seen. Dr. Karp took the time to sit and get to know me and my concerns, did the most complete hearing screening I have ever had, and recommended that I upgrade my hearing aids. My previous hearing aids were 6 years old and I was hoping to put off purchasing a new pair a little longer. Dr. Karp was so kind and showed me how my hearing aids were not helping as much as I needed them to in noise and programmed a set of new hearing aids for me to try. It made such a big difference. I am so pleased at how much better I am hearing.

Patricia Allyson

I came to Dr. Karp when my previous audiologist stopped practicing after about 8 years. Being an Engineer I noticed Dr. Karp’s technical skills were spot on. The next best thing about Dr. Karp is she will not try to sell you something you don’t need, along with a demo program that will let you decide before making a purchase. I had been in Oticon’s for about 8 years and then tried a set of Siemens, and all I can say is WOW! Natural hearing restored with very minimal feedback episodes. Hearing aids are very complex and very quality of life enhancing. They are also an investment in yourself. You could go to the “big-box” store and have someone who last week was taking pictures for Olan-Mills throw you in a sound booth and put you in some marginal one-size-fits-none hearing aids and sour you on hearing aids, or you could see Dr. Karp and hear well again. If you are reading this you are probably hearing impaired, so you understand the isolation caused by hearing impairment. High quality HA’s with a GOOD tune make social life possible again. Probably the best thing about Dr. Karp is that she will take the time to make sure you are taken care of. Find anybody else with ‘Dr.’ in front of their name that will do that! Five stars!

Jack Powell

We are so happy and grateful for your insight and your knowledge, we love your center and highly recommended it to all of our friends. You are our favorite doctor, we love your bedside manner and most importantly, how much time we had to disccussed our concerns. We never felt rushed and we left your office with a sense of peace knowing what were the next steps to help SM. Melissa, you are the best: words will never express how highly we think of you!

IM, Charlotte, NC

Thank you so much for all you have done for BB. We finally know what the problem is and can get started on our action plan. We met with the speech pathologist today and she is wonderful. For the first time in a long time we feel real hope that we can get BB on track with school.

JB, Charlotte, NC

I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Melissa Karp. She has a fine academic education in audiology and a surprising wealth of real-world experience in the audiological field. She listens very carefully to her patients and because she is an independent audiologist she can find a way to meet their needs. Her patients come first in her decisions, and she is direct in her communication. I found her to be friendly, patient, honest, thorough, and most of all, caring. I was surprised how available she made herself to e-mail, text messages, and phone calls. Another thing that surprised me was how complex hearing aids are and how quickly and efficiently Dr. Karp helped me select, break in, and enjoy my new hearing aids. I absolutely could not be more pleased with the process or with my new hearing aids. I would certainly recommend her to my friends – and I have – and I would recommend her to anyone with a hearing issue.

Charlie Therrell

I am so impressed with Melissa Karp. I had been putting off having an exam until I met her. It turned out to be such a pleasant experience and the most thorough exam I have ever had. She was patient in explaining the trouble I was having and making recommendations that would work for me and my budget. She is very knowledgeable about the latest technology and research and can help you choose from a menu of customized equipment and services. I highly recommend her.
Michaele Ballard
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