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In-Home and On-Site Hearing Care

What's our "why?"
Honesty, Integrity, Value, and Care.

We have no sales quotas to meet or financial ties to any manufacturer. We will always make the best decision for the patient - no matter what. Better hearing can be expensive and we will always advise and act in your best fiduciary interest. We are audiologists and have dedicated our lives to this profession because we know that better hearing impacts all areas of physical and mental health. We care about our patients and want to see them thrive.

Bringing audiology office to your home

Hearing loss impacts more than just the ability to communicate. It increases the risk of dementia, isolation, depression, and falls. It can be difficult and time consuming to travel to appointments. This is why we bring the audiology office to our patients. To ensure our patient's health and safety at every step of the process, we provide responsible at-home hearing tests with noise cancellation headphones and innovative equipment.

The hearing testing procedure includes otoscopy, pure tone air and bone conduction, and speech testing in noise to effectively determine the auditory function of each individual. Hearing aids are expertly programmed to meet individual needs following industry Best Practices.

Our Process, Your Progress

Our expert audiologists conduct thorough auditory assessments using portable audiometry, ensuring personalized care and treatment options are crafted right in the comfort of your home.

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In home hearing testing

Our expert audiologist will assess your auditory function using portable audiometry, in the comfort of your own home.

Personalized Hearing Aids &Treatment Options

After your hearing evaluation, if needed, your audiologist will review treatment options based on your hearing loss and listening needs.

Reliable and ongoing care

User-friendly follow-up options in your home, remotely, or in our clinic. Purchase our service plan and we will care for all your hearing aid needs — replacing wax guards, filters, receivers, cleaning, tubing changes, professional drying, battery replacement, and troubleshooting connectivity issues.

Introduce On-Site Audiology to Your Facility

Benefits to Your Facility and Residents:

Reliable and ongoing care

Providing comprehensive healthcare services, including audiology, can enhance resident satisfaction. It demonstrates a commitment to meeting their holistic needs and can improve the overall reputation of the senior living facility.
It can be an attractive feature for prospective residents and their families when choosing a facility.

Better Communication

Improved hearing can lead to better communication among residents, staff, and family members, reducing misunderstandings and isolation among seniors.


Seniors may face mobility challenges or transportation issues that make it difficult to travel to off-site appointments. Having audiology services on-site eliminates these barriers and makes it more convenient for residents to receive care. On-site audiology services can reduce the burden on the facility's staff in terms of coordinating off-siteappointments and transportation forresidents. This allows staff to focus on other aspects of care.

Timely Care

Timely intervention is crucial in managing hearing loss. On-site audiology services allow for prompt assessments and adjustments to hearing aids or other assistive devices, leading to better outcomes.

Mobile Hearing Aid Services Pricing

Functional & Communication Needs Assessment

Hearing Aid Fitting

Annual AuD Hearing Aid VIP Program

Hearing Aid Checks & Repairs

Hearing Aid Technology Pricing

Basic Technology for Quiet Lifestyles

$1650/ear or $3300/pair

Mid-Level Technology for Casual Lifestyles

$1850/ear or $3700/pair

Premium Technology for Active Lifestyles

$2100/ear or $4200/pair

When budget is the primary concern, we offer two economy options.

Entry-Level Technology

$550/ear or $1100/pair

Essential-Level Technology

$1100/ear or $2200/pair
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