Image of old and new hearing aids in audiologist's hand.You may need to replace your hearing aids sooner than the typical three- to five-year lifespan. Finances, improved technology, changes in hearing loss, and damage may mean it’s time to start looking.

Your Hearing Has Changed

Our hearing never stops changing, so your prescription may require new hearing aids. Stronger hearing aids will better serve hearing that’s changed from moderate to severe. The technological advancements of today’s devices far outpace previous models.

It may be more challenging to tune out background noise and find it’s harder to concentrate. Hearing aids come with technology that reduces wind and ambient noise for your convenience. Furthermore, your hearing changes could cause a change of heart if you were hesitant about wearing hearing aids.

Your Lifestyle Has Changed

Hearing aids work almost non-stop. An active lifestyle will take its toll on your devices. Some new hearing aid models offer fitness tech if you’re looking to support your health goals.

Your physical health also determines your hearing aid requirements. If arthritis is making in-the-canal devices a burden, behind-the-ear devices can deliver quality audio without the fuss.

New hearing aids can also support streaming audio from a new smartphone, tablet, or television. These upgrades come at a price, so if you can afford to invest in newer hearing aids, now may be a perfect time.

Your Hearing Aids Need Repairing

Do your hearing aids spend more time in the shop than in your ears? If so, it’s time to invest in a new pair. Dirt, debris, sweat, wax, and humidity will wear out your devices over time, that’s inevitable.

But you may be headed toward new hearing aids quicker if you don’t regularly clean and dry your devices. Hearing aids also get jostled around from taking them in and out. Dropping devices can also affect their delicate algorithms.

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