Image of husband and wife walking.Wearing your hearing aids every day provides your brain with the stimuli it needs to stay healthy. But hearing aids also help you stay connected to loved ones and keep you safe.

They Keep Your Brain Sharp

Your brain’s processing abilities change when you don’t wear your hearing aids because it receives fewer sounds and frequencies. Auditory deprivation is a condition where the brain no longer interprets sounds because it does not receive the proper stimulation.

Not wearing your hearing aids can also cause mental fatigue because other parts of your brain compensate for your inactive auditory cortex. A tired, unstimulated brain can cause cognitive decline, which puts you at a higher risk for developing dementia or Alzheimer’s.

You’ll Stay Connected

Wearing your hearing aids daily supports better socialization. Hearing loss can lead to miscommunications, interruptions, and social withdrawal. Some modern hearing aids have directional microphones that allow your devices to focus on the sounds in front of you. This makes socializing at dinners, holiday parties, and family gatherings a breeze.

Bluetooth connectivity also makes it easy to sync to your smart device so you can make phone calls or video calls with ease. The audio streams directly to your hearing aids, making your devices wireless earbuds.

Hearing Aids Improve Safety

Following your doctor’s advice: Hearing aids allow you to process and adhere to your doctor’s instructions, supporting your long-term health. Clear communication means you can ask questions and understand medication instructions.

Falls and balance: The fluid and sensory hair cells in your ears regulate your balance. Hearing loss damages hair cells and puts you at greater risk for falls. Wearing your hearing aids promotes improved balance and can help you avoid broken bones and head trauma.

Emergency alerts: Wearing your hearing aids ensures you don’t miss important alerts like fire alarms, emergency phone calls, or ambulance sirens. Being aware of your surroundings maintains your safety and the safety of those around you.

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