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Mom and Dad don’t hear things like they used to, but you’re not surprised because they’re getting older. However, if you’re caring for an elderly loved one, it may be time to consider taking them to an audiologist to check for possible hearing loss.

Health Risks of Hearing Loss

You may not notice hearing changes right away but left unattended they can have long-term implications on a person’s health.

  • Cognitive issues: Just like muscles, the brain can weaken if it is not regularly exercised. Your brain is not being properly utilized when your ears aren’t hearing all the sounds they should. Lack of use can cause cognitive decline, an inability to complete daily tasks and possibly dementia.
  • Mental health: The risk of developing anxiety or depression increases for those with hearing loss. People are often embarrassed by their inability to hear and properly engage in social environments. Your loved ones may begin to isolate themselves, which also means they have lower cognitive engagement.

Environmental Risks

Hearing is imperative to complete daily routines. Hearing loss can cause people to miss environmental cues that could prove fatal.

Consider the environmental cues you hear every day:

  • Car horns
  • Emergency sirens
  • Ringing phones
  • Alarm clocks

Missing auditory cues can cause accidents, so proactive measures are necessary to prevent injuries or costly mishaps. Ignoring hearing loss can also result in extensive auditory damage that could have been prevented.

What You Can Do To Help

If your loved one refuses to see an audiologist, try to have conversations with them on a regular basis. These discussions can stimulate cognitive engagement and give your loved one’s brain a much-needed workout.

You can also point out sounds your loved one may be missing. With another pair of ears and eyes watching out for hearing issues, your loved one is more likely to catch problematic symptoms earlier on. In the end, the best thing you can do is encourage them to see an audiologist at the first sign of hearing loss to set a baseline for their hearing. This makes it easier to identify any deviations down the road.

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