Image of tv set with sound bar amplification system.Have you ever noticed that your brand-new TV has a razor-sharp image but is difficult to hear?

Modern TVs often have tiny, poor-quality speakers that are in the back or bottom of the unit, making it especially difficult for viewers with hearing loss to pick up dialogue.

Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte reminds the public that there are a number of hearing amplifiers and products available to make it easier to hear the TV. If understanding TV dialogue is difficult or if you have to turn it up too loud for others to enjoy it, here are some options to try:

Adjust the TV’s audio settings

This can be a simple fix that may yield noticeable results. Go to “settings” on your TV menu and choose “audio” or “sound.” Newer sets may have a setting to improve dialogue, a night mode setting you can try turning off, or equalizer options that let you adjust frequencies.

Using soundbar speakers

These speakers not only direct the sound at the viewer, but they can also both amplify and improve the TV’s sound. The ZVOX Accuvoice line is a highly reviewed product that’s gotten top-notch marks from our clients. Available for $200, it utilizes built-in hearing aid technology to lift voices out of background sounds.

Stream directly to hearing aids

Many hearing aid companies such as Widex, Phonak, Oticon, and ReSound use Bluetooth technology to let you stream the TV audio directly to your hearing aids.

Use wireless headphones

Manufacturers such as TV Ears allow you to get audio streamed directly to a wireless headphone set so you can adjust the volume without interfering with others’ enjoyment of the TV. The TV volume can even be on mute while the person with hearing loss watches.

Closed captions

If nothing else, you can always turn on closed captioning services to help capture what is being said on TV. This is particularly helpful in crowded or noisy rooms where picking up most of the dialogue is unlikely.

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