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Aside from Valentine’s Day, February hosts “Go Red for Women” on February 2, and is Heart Health Month. You may be surprised by the link between hearing wellness, and heart health. At Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte, we want to help you maintain your hearing health and overall wellbeing.

Cardiovascular Disease and Hearing Health

Multiple studies have shown that people with cardiovascular disease are 50-60% more likely to have hearing issues. That percentage increases to 80% for people who have had one or more heart attacks.

Hearing Loss

The connection between heart disease and hearing loss comes from a reduction in blood flow in the veins and arteries throughout the body, including the inner ear. Even a small change in blood flow can affect the hair follicles and blood vessels in the inner ear. In fact, hearing loss can sometimes be an early detector of cardiovascular problems.

This is what makes annual hearing evaluations are so important. You should have a hearing evaluation by age 50 so you have an understanding of your hearing health. This will help the staff at Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte identify any significant changes.


There are a number of contributing risks a patient can have that could lead to a heart condition. Aside from genetics, poor lifestyle choices and diet play major roles in developing a heart disease. Some of the main contributors include:

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Diet high in trans and saturated fats
  • Little exercise
  • Stress

Have your primary care physician help you develop a path to wellness and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Contact our offices to schedule an appointment for a hearing evaluation. Identifying the cause of your hearing loss may be the first step in identifying a larger health issue.

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