hearing aid paired with smartphone and smartwatchHearing loss can affect anyone of any age, which means hearing aid wearers can be both young and old.  As more people of various ages begin embracing the latest technology, hearing aid manufacturers have also started followed that trend.

Apple has been working with several hearing aid manufacturers to create symmetry between hearing devices, iPhones, and iPads. Apps are also available for Android and Google devices.

Here are some ways these devices can improve your hearing experiences:

In-Ear Streaming

Certain apps allow hearing aid wearers to stream calls directly into their hearing devices. The wearer can also stream music and driving directions, much like wearing a pair of earbuds. Smartphone apps can also assist with streaming select noises to hearing aid to help wears understand what is being said in crowded or noisy places.

Save Settings for Favorite Locations

After you have adjusted the settings on your hearing aid for certain locations that you go to often – such as home, work, places of worship – the GPS in your smartphone can set the locations as favorites, and the hearing aid settings will adjust automatically.

Find Misplaced Hearing Aids

If you’ve ever taken your hearing aids out and forgotten where you left them, there’s new technology that can help you track them. The GPS function will show a map of where you left your hearing aids.

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